One of the world's smallest V2X module

Your destination for cutting-edge V2X solutions. We develop one of the world's smallest V2X module. Supporting LTE-V2X/C-V2X and DSRC/ITS-G5 on one module.


About Us

At nfiniity, we specialize in developing state-of-the-art hard- and software with our small V2X module, complete with advanced software integration. Our products are designed to support both LTE-V2X/C-V2X and DSRC/ITS-G5 technologies, providing unmatched versatility and compatibility.

  • With our comprehensive hardware and software integration, we provide a streamlined and hassle-free V2X solution. Our modules seamlessly connect vehicles, infrastructure, and pedestrians, creating a connected ecosystem that enhances safety, efficiency, and convenience.
  • Dual Technology Support: By supporting both LTE-V2X/C-V2X and DSRC/ITS-G5, our products offer unparalleled flexibility. We understand that different regions and deployment scenarios may require different technologies, and our solutions ensure that you're always ready to adapt to evolving V2X standards.
  • Compact and Efficient: Our commitment to miniaturization has led to the development of the our small V2X module. Our compact hardware design ensures easy integration into any vehicle or infrastructure, without compromising performance or reliability.

We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive solution provider, delivering end-to-end excellence in V2X technology. From the lowest bit in hardware to high-level applications and software stacks, we cover the entire spectrum in-house. In addition to our hardware and software capabilities, we harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Our AI-based V2X applications leverage cutting-edge technologies to unlock new levels of performance and efficiency. By running our classic and AI-based applications in advanced simulations, we not only validate their functionality but also generate valuable training data to enhance our AI algorithms.

Empowering Global Corporations with Our Technology



Our tiny V2X module accelerates development and integration, providing an effortless way to start creating and incorporating advanced V2X technology into your projects.

  • LTE-V2X/C-V2X and DSRC/ITS-G5 based on Autotalks SECTON/PLUTON2
  • RF-Frontend with Dual Channel/Diversity
  • Hardware security Module (eHSM)
  • Equipped with AEC-Q100 components
  • Wide temperature range
  • Mini PCIe (30 mm x 50,95 mm). Further connectors on request.


Discover the potential of V2X technology with our V2X Evaluation Kit. Designed to showcase the power and versatility of our technology, the CUBE EVK provides a firsthand encounter with the seamless fusion of LTE-V2X and DSRC functionalities. Delve into the world of V2X with various applications such as IMA, EEBL, FCW, LTA, and many more.

CUBE EVK can be applied as an OBU (On-Board Unit) or RSU (Roadside Unit) for Research and Development projects.

  • 01 Powerfull Hardware

    Our all-inclusive board combines our tiny Plug & Play V2X module with GNSS, CAN, LTE, HDMI, Ethernet, USB ports, WiFi and a powerfull i.MX8M Plus CPU with AI capabilities.

  • Create applications using C++ or Python either directly on the board or on top of the V2X stack. Explore endless possibilities for creating custom solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

  • The Wireless Remote Radio, offers the capability to develop, debug, and execute directly on your personal computer, streamlining your development process without the need for flashing or data transfers onto your EVK.



Our web-based dashboard is an integral part of our Evaluation Board. With this dashboard, you gain real-time insights into the status of your V2X stations and their surroundings.

Monitor and analyze the state of your V2X stations, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance. The dashboard also provides a comprehensive view of neighboring stations, fostering a collaborative and connected V2X ecosystem.

  • Web-based Dashboard
  • Real-Time
  • V2X Stations Nearby
  • Generate Custom DENM
  • Debug Monitoring

AI and Simulation

Our simulation environment based on CARLA is an invaluable tool for testing and algorithm development. We effortlessly simulate intricate traffic scenarios, refine algorithms, and generate essential training data for our AI models.

  • Simulation-based Development for Applications
  • High Coverage of Application Use-cases
  • Data Generation


Our core technologies at the forefront of mobility innovation.

V2X Framework

Our ROS-centric V2X framework expedites software development, granting the liberty to directly create applications using C++ or Python.


The CARLA-based simulator provides a streamlined way to develop, expand and assess algorithms for V2X applications on Day1, Day2, and Day3 scenarios.

V2X Stack

We are continually engaged in the development and utilization of the Vanetza software stack. The stack offers a modular and compact framework, making it suitable for diverse, resource-constrained target platforms.

Dual-Mode V2X

We employ the most advanced and secure V2X technology for connected vehicles on market. Our V2X module can easily transition between both communication technologies using a straightforward interface.


Firat Kasmis

CEO & Founder

Embedded Systems & V2X

Apostolos Georgiadis

CEO & Founder

Embedded Systems & Machine Learning

Raphael Riebl, PhD

Head of Software Development

Embedded Systems & V2X Expert


Nestled in the heart of the old city, our location inspires us with its beauty and rich cultural heritage. Join us in this picturesque setting as we revolutionize the future of connected mobility.


Im Hepp├Ącher 18, 73728 Esslingen, Germany